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Advanced LED Lights

About Advanced LED Lights

Advanced LED Lights is an American leader in the LED light industry, offering a selection of high quality, full spectrum LED light bulbs and panels.

In an effort to stand out against the competition (whom typically source cheaper LED lights from China), they partner with trusted LED manufacturers in the US to ensure the finest quality for your growing needs.

Compared to other lights on the market, Advanced LED lights stay much cooler, due to a high LED diode quality along with a patented finned heat sink. This reduces the dependency of having to purchase and add additional fans to cool your grow space.

They are so confident in their quality, they offer a 3 year full warranty and limited lifetime warranty on all of their products with full replacement along with same day service for all warranty-related issues. If that doesn't convince you, they additionally offer a 90-day risk free trial on all of their products. Unhappy within 90 days of your order? Simply return any of your items for a full refund.

13565 AR-72
Hiwasse, AR
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