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BiG Plant Science

BiG Plant Science

Products that Account for Denmark’s Growing Conditions

About BiG Plant Science

BiG Plant Science is based in Denmark and offers products based on scientific principles. The product lineup specifically considers the water conditions in Denmark. This company prides itself on being unique since it has experience and knowledge in the field and product lineup geared toward growers who focus on product yield.

The main products are Part A and Part B, which together provide plants with all the nutrients they need to produce gorgeous and fruitful buds, with a focus on quantity as well as quality.

Part A, Power House, is a professional fertilizer that gives plants the macronutrients they need to thrive during their growth and flowering phase. It includes two percent amino acids to boost cellular formation while maximizing the plant’s ability to absorb the fertilizer.

Part B, Calcium Plus, is a professional formula with calcium nitrate and amino acids to ensure plants receive enough calcium. It also has the two percent addition of amino acids, helping with the calcium absorption and cellular formation. This combination guarantees that the plants absorb the calcium, allowing them to reap the benefits.

The product lineup from BiG Plant Science also includes a few other products, including Part Z, which is Bud Explosion, a PK booster for an increased yield.

Part X is a stimulus and trichrome accelerator to increase the yield via larger roots. Part Y, Aroma Boost, helps with a rich aroma and works with hydro and coco as well as all mediums.



Frederikssundsvej 121F, 2700 København, Denmark