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Big Time Hydroponics

Big Time Hydroponics

Offering High-quality Hydroponics

About Big Time Hydroponics

Product Types

Big Time Hydroponics offers growers a range of products that are high-quality yet affordable. Some of its most popular products include Trace Elements, Big Time Enzyme, and Big Time Exterminator.

Big Time Enzyme

Big Time Enzyme claims to be two or three times stronger than competitors, breaking down and preventing algae, slime, and sludge in drip lines, reservoirs, and root zones. It also eliminates food sources for pathogens in the roots for happy roots. There is also a version in a dry powder, Big Time Dry Enzyme.

Big Time Exterminator

Big Time Exterminator claims to be the most cost-effective method of protecting plants from pests and it has a high-concentration formula. It is safe for all plants, marine life, and animals but not pests. It works on soft and hard-bodied pests, including broad mites, spider mites, roof aphids, and more.

Big Time Rinse

Big Time Rinse is a final flushing product without hidden additives like sugars and is three times as strong as competitors. The enzymes in the rinse will break down detritus and salts while the phylates bond with unwanted materials, flushing them out of the root zone.

Big Time Roots

Big Time Roots has a high CFU count and a proprietary blend with beneficial bacteria. The product has a two-year shelf life and leads to a reduction in root stress when transplanting, prevents sludge buildup, and allows for faster root clones.

You can also get the Big Time Hydroponics products in bulk quantities for greater savings.



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