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Bio Ag

Bio Ag

Providing Humic and Fulvic Acids for Growers

About Bio Ag


BioAg, Faust Bio-Agricultural Services, Inc. began during the early 1980s in the form of a farm service company, moving and expanding in 2005. The company remains family-owned and its products have the backing of decades of work with biological farming and humic substances.

Product Types

The company prides itself on offering premium agricultural-grade fulvic and humic products as well as biologicals. Every single product from BioAg is the result of research from multiple reputable studies with influence from the company’s alliances with suppliers, alternative practitioners, agronomists, and scientists around the world.

Product Offerings

  • Ful-Power is a humic acid liquid without chemicals or preservatives, working for cuttings, clones, foliar sprays, seed activation, and bare-root dips. It is OIM and OMRI-listed.
  • Ful-Humix is a unique product created via low heat capacity drying for a high concentration and soluble product. This OMRI-listed product is great for seeds, clones, compost tea activation, dry broadcasting, and more.
  • TM-7 gives growers the features and power of Ful-Humix along with seven micronutrients to encourage plant growth for a range of uses, from hand watering to compost tea activation.
  • CytoPlus combines the TM7 powder with soluble Norwegian seaweed extract. It provides humic substances, beneficial organic compounds, and seven micronutrients.
  • VAM ENDO-MIX is a mycorrhizal fungi product with seven strains as well as 158 propagules in each gram.



6080 Wigrich Rd, Independence, OR 97351, USA