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Providing Premium Quality Bio-organics
About Bio Green

Bio Green prides itself on offering a range of bio-organics that are of premium quality and perfect for a range of growers.

The company claims to have the widest selection of substrates on the market, offering something for everyone, regardless of crop or growth cycle stage. Additionally, the products provide premium nutrients that work well for your choice of soil type.

Overall, Bio Green’s lineup includes 13 nutrients and 10 substrates. The basic nutrients are 1 Grow and 2 Bloom, but you can also get CO2 tablets, Hydro A&B, Garlic, Flower Boost, Calgel, X-Blast, X-Bloom, X-Rooting, and others.

To give a feel for the products, 1 Grow offers a high-quality fertilizer with the micro and macronutrients that your plants need to grow and bloom early regardless of the chosen medium.

The substrates include Bat Mix, Grow Mix, Coco Mix, and others. Grow Mix features the highest quality of black and white peat for universal nutrition.

There is also a convenient starter pack available that lets you try out some of each of the main products from Bio Green.

Bio Green also provides the community with a few key tools and information, including a watering calculator that accounts for each of the nutrient products from the company, the feeding week, and more.

You can also find customized schemas for a range of crop types to guide your use of the products. To appeal to a worldwide audience, the company’s catalog features details of the products in eight different languages.

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