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Bio Nova

Bio Nova

Creating Premium Fertilizers

About Bio Nova

Bio Nova has been in operation since the early 1990s, always creating premium fertilizers for all types of flowering and growing plants.

The products from Bio Nova are based on years of research as well as practical experience. The company prides itself on offering products with purity, environmental friendliness, high yields, great end results, quality, and ease of use.

To ensure that Bio Nova continues to deliver high-quality products, it maintains a range of business relationships with various labs and research centers.

The company also works with the scientific community to incorporate their research into delivering products that work. For further innovations, Bio Nova keeps up its relationships with international markets.

Bio Nova even encourages customers to share their ideas, wishes, and concerns, as this lets the company engage with their products to the needs of customers.

There are several lines of Bio Nova products, each of which focuses on a special application based on the cultivation method.

In terms of growing methods, Bio Nova offers three methods, each with its own combination of products:

  • Basic Way
  • Dedicated Way
  • Professional Way

The Basic Way starts with just the Nutri Forte A + B and the Coco Forte A + B or the brand’s SuperMixes. The Dedicated Way adds in up to four more products and the Professional Way incorporates all of the products to get the most from your plants. The full lineup includes seven main fertilizers, 10 stimulators, 12 minerals, and five substrates.



Elzenweg 13, 5144 MB Waalwijk, Netherlands