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Bio Tabs

Bio Tabs

Offering Organic Fertilizers

About Bio Tabs

BioTabs is a Dutch company that produces organic soil conditioners and fertilizers as well as conducting research. The growers behind the company have more than 30 years of experience with plants and cultivation, experience they use to create products that other growers want.

The company has been using Rockwool to chemically cultivate its plants for 25 years, and then five years ago, it began testing for organic cultivation. When that led to amazing results, the team decided to form a company to provide other growers with similar results.

As a company with an international market, BioTabs offers manuals in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Polish.

The company also offers a simple calculator via its website so you know which products and how much of them you need for your cultivation.

All of the BioTabs products are organic, with the fertilizers encouraging the soil organisms to help provide nutrients to plants. The products stimulate those soil organisms by turning organic material into plant food, leading to disease-resistant plants with strong root systems.

Customers can begin with a Starter Kit to try out the various products and see the results for themselves before buying things like Startex, the Fertilizer Tablets, and the BoomBoom Spray separately.

Cannabis growers will particularly appreciate the Guerilla Box, Tabs, and Juice. In addition to those products, BioTabs has its own line of tools like air pumps. BioTabs guarantees that clients will get a full, tasty, and fair harvest.



Carrer de la Remallaire, 4, 08302 Mataró, Barcelona, Spain