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Supporting Eco-friendly Crop Cultivation

About BioBizz

BioBizz® prides itself in being a leader in its field for eco-friendly cultivation of crops. The company produces a range featuring 100-percent biological products that work on all types of plants, including substrate enhancers, liquid fertilizers, and potting soil.

BioBizz® began in the Netherlands in 1992, but now has its main facilities in Spain. Other sites are in North America, England, and France, giving the company a truly international reach. The company has always focused on producing results organically without chemicals that could damage the planet.

The philosophy behind BioBizz® is to always be eco-aware while bringing organic crop cultivation within reach of the average person. This way, everyone can grow the crops they want without harming the planet.

Like other industry leaders, BioBizz® has extensive research and development behind each of its organic products. That research lets BioBizz® ensure the ideal proportions of ingredients as well as guaranteed satisfaction.

BioBizz® also has certification from Control Union to certify the products as organic and has additional certifications from Good Soil Quality Mark, Point Vert, Clean Green Certification, EnvirOganic, and OMRI.



48450 Legizamon, Bizkaia, Spain
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