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Offering Natural, Organic Nutrients for Plants

About Biocanna

BIOCANNA is a line of nutrients from CANNA that features naturally derived products. CANNA, the parent brand of BIOCANNA, is a Dutch company with extensive expertise in the cultivation of plants with potting mixes, hydroponics, and cocoponics.

The founders of the company had vast experience with plants and pioneering natural products before forming the company. They created a successful nutrient due to dissatisfaction with the offerings at the time. Their results led to the creation of the first CANNA product lines, Vega and Flores (now the SUBASTRA line).

Over time, the company expanded its offerings, including a standard mix ratio for nutrients of 1:250. BIOCANNA continues to engage in extensive research and development for each of its products, including testing. The company never rushes the testing and development phase, which typically lasts about two years per product. Products only enter the company’s lineup when it has confidence in them following that testing.

Some products are fully organic, complete with certification from the Eco Union and OMRI. Other products have natural bases yet do not meet the National Organic Program standards. All of the products from BIOCANNA (and CANNA) have a blend that was carefully balanced to include trace and main elements to maximize results for every combination of fertilizer and growing medium.


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