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Providing Organic Products Since 2003

About BioMagno

BioMagno began in 2003 with the goal of creating organic products to fertilize plants using natural fertilizer. The company has always wanted to stand out from the crowd by offering complete nutrition for plants. To reach that goal, BioMagno takes advantage of real-world field experience to present its products to the market several years after formation.

The BioMagno lineup continues to expand to give customers access to even more innovations. BigMango has enriched its formulas and developed a biostimulant series to improve organic matrices based on the needs of the plants.

The relatively new BIOMASS 100 percent BIO stimulant improves photosynthesis and cellular growth, helping to ensure a high-quality final product.

The products from BioMagno are designed to provide the necessary macronutrients and assist the soil and plants via the inclusion of secondary substances. The products also encourage natural processes and dynamic fertilization with a specific mix of beneficial fungi and bacteria. To guide the use of the products, BioMagna includes a detailed schema on its website, including quantities and timing for each of its products.