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Black Magic

Black Magic

Offering Performance Hydroponics Products

About Black Magic

Black Magic is a subsidiary of the Hawthorne Gardening Company offering high-performance hydroponics products, including items that work well for all types of hydroponics setups. Black Magic prides itself on offering the full foundation for your hydroponic gardening needs.

The company is made up of expert growers, including in the research and development team. They created the company to offer the finest ingredients and best-quality growing mediums, supplements, and nutrients since that is what they wanted as growers.

The goal behind Black Magic is to ensure that growers of any experience level have what they need to grow using hydroponics while maximizing yield.

The product lineup includes growing pots and pails, growing lights, and seed starter trays. In terms of encouraging growth, Black Magic offers an all-purpose fertilizer that works well at every stage of plant growth thanks to its calculated and concentrated nutrients.

You can also get things like potting soil, a Coco Coir Mix, a Pro Peat Blend, and liquids like a Cal – Mag Supplement, Bloom Boost, and Base Nutrient A & B, among others. In addition to providing the products for hydroponics, Black Magic also provides customers with some level of education, thanks to a feeding schedule and various guides and videos with tips.



3204 NW 38th Cir, Vancouver, WA 98660, USA