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Blue Planet Nutrients

Blue Planet Nutrients

Helping Growers Get High Yields

About Blue Planet Nutrients

Blue Planet Nutrients (operated by High Yield Gardens, LLC), began with a skilled plant scientist and chemist who had an interest in crafting his own fertilizers using precise calculations and the finest ingredients. This led to amazing results for him, as well as those that he shared the fertilizers with.

Soon, the demand for the fertilizers grew and he realized that he needed to create a company and sell it to meet the demand; otherwise, he just could not afford to keep making the fertilizers. He got help from a friend to ensure the company continued to grow while he continued working as a plant scientist and Blue Planet continued to grow.

The original goal of Blue Planet Nutrients was to give people the ability to enjoy high-quality fertilizer at affordable pricing, without redundant products and fancy labels that add to the price unnecessarily. This goal continues today, with Blue Planet Nutrients offering a full range of quality, affordable products to encourage high yields with healthy plants.

The product lineup includes base nutrients, supplements, bloom boosters, additives, and high yield systems. You can also buy in bulk for discounts or get a bundle or sample for savings.

All of the products were scientifically formulated to include everything that plants need for their maximum yield and growth. Base nutrient lines include the Elite Series, Farmer’s Pride Organic Blend, and BlueMax. To appeal to those of all skill levels, you always get growing tips and intuitive mixing instructions, plus access to online feed charts.



Cypress, TX, USA