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Offering Tools for Water-based Growing Systems

About Bluelab

Bluelab offers a range of products and tools to help growers who utilize water-based growing systems. The company is best known for its pH meters and controllers as well as nutrient meters and controllers. These tools can measure crucial information for your plants’ health, such as temperature, conductivity, and pH.

The lineup of Bluelab products works well for everyone from home growers to large-scale industrial operations. The company focuses on simple designs that are people-friendly and highly functional. It prioritizes reliability, ease of use, and accuracy with tough materials and advanced technologies.The product lineup includes pens, meters, controllers, dosers, monitors, connect products, replacement probes, probe care kits, solutions, and accessories and parts. This means that when you want to check the soil, you can opt for something relatively compact and straightforward, like a soil pH pen.

Or you can go more in-depth with a multimedia pH meter. From there, use the various Bluelab pH calibration solutions to bring the pH levels back to where they should be. There are also tools to test EC conductivity, temperature, and nutrients, and to help with dosing.



8 Whiore Ave, Bay Of Plenty 3171, New Zealand