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Building on the Dutch Formula

About BluMoon

BluMoon uses the two-part Dutch formula as its basis, with its founders starting to use that formula more than 20 years ago. To ensure the quality of its products, all BluMoon is made using controlled and small batches with high-quality minerals. That level of care, combined with the small batches, allows for consistently great products. In fact, BluMoon prides itself on outperforming the most popular and best nutrient lines available.

BluMoon began with base ingredients and eventually expanded into a line of additives. This line is the result of partnerships with horticulturists and biochemists, including years of development and research. Now, the BluMoon product lineup includes unique and effective nutrient additives.

The company’s products are designed to work in your choice of media, including soilless, hydroponics, coco, and soil, always delivering value, performance, and quality.

Although the BluMoon A/B formula still uses the original formula from 20 years ago as its base, the company reformulated it during the past five years. This included upgrading components to take advantage of the latest research and development and high-tech componentry. The formula has proven results thanks to its long-standing history and the latest version is even better. BluMoon has always maintained its dedication to producing high-quality nutrients with research and small, controlled batches. The only change over the years is improvements to the formulas. Additional products other than the BluMoon A/B formula improve roots, adjust pH levels, add other nutrients, and more.



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