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Providing 2-way Humidity Control

About Boveda

Since its inception in 1997, Boveda has prided itself on being the global leader for two-way humidity control. The company offers humidity control instruments and tools for a range of applications, including wooden instruments, food storage, tobacco, herbal medicine, and growing.

Professionals can use Boveda products for herbal medicine to help control the humidity of their cannabis plants’ growing space. Home growers can either use those same products or get a Home Grow Kit from Boveda that has everything you need, in addition to humidity control. The two-way humidity control relies on pure water vapor and natural salts to revive the medicine slowly.

The Boveda humidity control systems are designed to be incredibly easy to use. You just place the Boveda into your container and you replace it when it loses its softness. When you use more Boveda, it will last longer, saving you money. Boveda never over-humidifies so you do not have to worry about negative effects on your plants. You can buy Boveda designed for herbal medicine (including cannabis) in a range of sizes.

There are also convenient CVault storage containers to place it in for the best results. The Home Grow Kit includes multiple packs of the Boveda product as well as those airtight CVault containers.



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