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California Lightworks

California Lightworks

Offering LED Grow Lights With a Full Spectrum

About California Lightworks

Founded in 2008, California Light Works is a pioneer in LED lighting with advanced technology used in horticultural. The company is located in Southern California, which is where it designs, manufactures, and supports all of its products.

There are options for lighting solutions for every grower, from at-home hobbyists to large-scale greenhouses. The SolarSystem from California LightWorks offers high-power LED grow lights that directly replace the HID bulb technology while using as much as 50 percent less heat and energy. You can choose the power level between 200 and 800 watts via the programmable digital spectrum control system, which is exclusive and optimized for the best quality and yields while reducing energy use.

The company’s SolarXtreme Series includes the exclusive Optigrow light spectrum, enhancing plants at every growing stage with just one fixture. The Optigrow lights were formulated as well as tested to offer full power for high yields and blooms and the best results.

Finally, the Greenhouse Pro Series is the first light fixture for greenhouses that uses Bluetooth mesh technology. This Bluetooth tech allows for wireless photosensor integration so you do not need external timers or a contractor panel. The system also has integrated drivers and the ability to run 10 fixtures on just one power drop. You can control the system wirelessly without internet or use the Wi-Fi gateways to control the zones and operations from afar.



7949 Deering Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91304, USA
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