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Can Filters

Can Filters

Making Filtering Easy

About Can Filters

Can Filters began nearly three decades ago with a filter in the style of a canister. The product delivered unsurpassed efficiency for air filtering and worked well with high airflows. It also delivered a very long life span. To take the company to the next level, Can Filters combined it with a fan to make a full filtration system. Can Filters partnered with a manufacturer in Germany to create the classic Can-Fan and the Max-Fan.

The company’s focus on efficiency and performance has helped it be an industry leader for both ventilation and filtration. The Can-Filters are popular among gardeners as well as in any other location that requires filtering. The Can-Filter can make areas safe by capturing contaminants and delivering contaminant-specific filtration.

Today, the company has distribution centers spread across three continents and sells millions of filters in more than 40 countries. The filters have a packed bed design that set the industry standard. They also use virgin activated carbon to deliver quality and a long-lasting product.

Can Filters advertises its activated carbon filters as the best method of eliminating the majority of odors, gasses, and VOCs. You can also opt for Can-Lite, which has a built-in flange and low-density granulated carbon. There are also convenient Mini-Filters and intake filters.

The company’s Max Fans are also driven by quality for efficiency and mixed-flow. The fans offer professional performance and have five-year warranties for peace of mind. Growers on a larger scale can also choose a commercial unit with both the filters and fans.



Handelsweg 10, 4231 EZ Meerkerk, Netherlands