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A Dutch Expert in Various Growing Mediums

About Canna

Canna markets itself as a Dutch Expert for plant cultivation involving potting mixes, hydroponics, and cocoponics. The company has a passion for this type of horticulture and uses that to help growers get the best possible results.

The product lineup from Canna features carefully balanced products featuring combinations of nutrients that are perfect for all combinations of mediums and fertilizers.

Before forming Canna, the founders already had experience creating their own fertilizers and nutrients. Those efforts began due to dissatisfaction with the available products at the time. The original results were so impressive that the founders soon brought two products (Canna Flores and Canna Vega) into production. Canna continued innovating throughout its history, including creating the now-standard mixture ratio that is 1:250 for nutrients.

Canna follows the philosophies of love for the planet and a team spirit. Canna takes care of everything related to the production, including development, research, sales, marketing, and logistics, including its own laboratory. This complete control lets Canna ensure its products are of the highest quality.

Today, you can find Canna products used successfully in more than 30 countries around the world. The company currently has a few main product lines. Canna Terra is for soilless and pre-fertilized soil mediums. Canna Aqua is for re-circulating systems and Canna Coco offers coco media plus nutrients of high quality. The Canna Subastra line, which works best in inert media with water drainage. There are also Canna Additives, Canna Start for rooted cuttings and seedlings, and Biocanna.



Reduitlaan 38, 4814 DC Breda, Netherlands
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