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Offering Plant Supplements, Substrates, and Nutrients

About Cellmax

Cellmax was founded in 1996 and has always helped growers look at how they use their space in an imaginative way thanks to its plant nutrients, supplements, and substrates.

The company's goal is to produce substrates and nutrients that lead to and end result of amazing taste and high yield for your crops. To do this, Cellmax works with the best agricultural and horticultural laboratories in the Netherlands to craft the perfect products and blends. Not only this, but the company also has its own professional greenhouse, so it can carry out its intensive testing and make improvements to their products when necessary.

Cellmax feels that the only way to have sustainable food production in the future will be decentralized crop growing. The company’s high-quality, yet simple product line to deliver max crop yields even in harsh city conditions makes this type of growing possible.

Its Terra products are the simplest choice to start with, which work well both indoors and outdoors and appeal to beginners. Their Bio product line is fully verified by Control Union which are best for the planet and work for all growers. Their Coco product line works well for intermediate growers and are also good for those who are environmentally conscious. Finally, the Hydro products from Cellmax deliver the highest yield for every square meter and are for indoor use by experienced growers.



9959 Onderdendam, Netherlands