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Centurion Pro

Centurion Pro

Providing Trimming Machines for Cannabis

About Centurion Pro

Centurion Pro offers growers of hemp and cannabis a wide range of trimming machines, helping to streamline the process of preparing the plant.

According to the company, using the trimming machines would let a two-person crew increase their processing rate for the cannabis by 600 percent in just an eight-hour day. The machine would take care of the trimming and the crew could focus on preparation.

Using the trimming machines from Centurion Pro also offers a higher rate of consistency and marketability compared to trimming by hand. It is even scalable as you can easily add another machine to your production.

Centurion Pro currently offers six different trimming machines for cannabis, with more on the way. These range in price and size, from a tabletop trimmer and the mini trimmer to the Gladiator Trimmer or the massive and efficient 3.0 Trimmer. The Centurion Pro Original is marketed as the top industrial bud trimmer, while the Silver Bullet is nearly identical but with a silencer and marine-grade infinity Bluetooth stereo.

The trimmers are built to last and have 11 quality cutting blades with tumblers made from rugged 304 stainless steel with 16 gauge.



20091 113b Ave, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 0Z2, Canada