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Citrus Magic

Naturally Preventing Mold and Mildew in Plants
About Citrus Magic

Citrus Magic offers growers an all-natural product that you can use to eradicate as well as control issues like mold and mildew on your plants.

The product works well at any stage of the plant’s life cycle. In fact, you can use it as late in the cycle as just five days before the flowering ends.

Citrus Magic is a versatile product as it can be used as a treatment for existing mold or mildew. It can also be used to prevent these issues from arising.

The product comes in a concentrated form, so you dilute it to use it, allowing it to last a reasonable amount of time. The suggested dilution rate depends on whether you want to use Citrus Magic for treatment or prevention. For prevention, dilute it with 50 mL of the solution per liter. For a soft curative treatment, increase the amount to 100 mL per liter and for a curative treatment, increase it to 200 mL per liter.

1560 Big Shanty Dr
Kennesaw, GA
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