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Cold War Organics

Cold War Organics

Organic Products for Quality Productions

About Cold War Organics

Cold War Organics provides the products that growers need to produce Clean Green Certified cannabis. The products are all water suspendable or water-soluble powders designed to work with those who grow organic cannabis, no matter the scale of growing. The products are also simple to use and versatile, working well with hand applications, fertigation, or drip irrigation systems.

Before releasing products, Cold War Organics puts each one through vigorous field testing that includes both indoor and outdoor testing. This testing proves that all of the products work well at producing strong and healthy cannabis of any strain.

In addition to the products, Cold War Organics also offers a bit of education on its website. You can find the expected calculation forms to help you determine how much of each product to use and when. There are also technical articles written by the company’s team to help growers of all experience levels.

The company’s unusual name came from the two founders becoming friends by sharing stories of their time growing up in the Cold War era, in the USA and the USSR, respectively. The company’s founders had more than 37 years of experience combined and chose to focus on one plant (cannabis) for the best results. Cold War Organics was formed based on the idea that just the essence remains when you get rid of the clutter. They continue to use this idea as inspiration when developing products by including only the important mineral and organic ingredients needed for maximum growth yield.



Bradford, VT 05033, USA