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About Cultilene

Cultilene has the goal of sustainable food production, encouraging economic use of our available resources. Cultilene itself is part of Sain-Gobain, a global supplier within the market of construction and habitat.

The products from Cultilene maximize food production, including its quality, using minimal energy and water. The company offers Albarino-diffused glass and stone wool substrate solutions across more than 50 countries.

There is one factory producing the company’s Albarino diffused glass and four around the world produce the substrate. Since the company works toward sustainability, Cultilene follows sustainable practices throughout every stage of production.

Cultilene’s substrates include a range of options, offering something for every grower. The company understands that your substrate needs can vary based on root distribution, water buffer, control range, generative and vegetative growth, absorption capacity, and more. The substrate solutions are divided into vegetables, propagation, and floriculture.

The company’s other key product is horticulture glass designed to let you get the most yield for the amount of light available. The Albarino glass can be extra clear or diffused. You can also combine Cultilene products with AR coatings to improve the light transmissions. The product range of glass includes high-quality edge finishes, exact sizes, and high light transmission with toughened glass.

Cultilene also works with growers to customize its solutions to meet their needs.



Ericssonstraat 2, 5121 ML Rijen, Netherlands