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Current Culture H2O

Current Culture H2O

Producing Hydroponics Solutions

About Current Culture H2O

Current Culture H2O offers proven systems along with increasing efficiency and quality to help growers achieve higher yields.

The Under Current system is among the company’s most popular products, and it features the highest grade of commercial components. You can expand this system and it works well in varying configurations.

The company also has a Cultured Solutions line of premium hydroponic nutrients, all made with the highest-quality materials. This makes for a nutrient line that is among the cleanest, highly soluble, and pH stable available. The Cultured Solutions line and Under Current system combine to create the Proven Production System for increased yields and accelerated growth.

In addition to those main product offerings, Current Culture H2O also offers nutrients, systems, accessories, parts, a nutrient dosing system, and an Aguatronics Commercial Humidification System. The various systems include Under Current’s Hydroponic System and PRO System as well as a UC Solo system and various expansion kits. There are also layouts available to help you figure out what Under Current systems you need for your space. The dosing system from Current Culture H2O is very nice as it connects with your smartphone or tablet to take the guesswork out of dosing, a still relatively unique feature.



4383 N Knoll Ave #104, Fresno, CA 93722, USA