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Cutting Edge Solutions

Cutting Edge Solutions

Offering Supplements and Premium Fertilizers

About Cutting Edge Solutions

Since 2001, Cutting Edge Solutions has been offering growers premium fertilizers as well as invigorating supplements. Prior to this, the founder had been working in research on crop production since 1978.

The company starts with the cleanest inputs and evaluates the quality of every batch in the lab to ensure its plant nutrients always meet a consistently high standard. All of the formulas are produced on-site so Cutting Edge Solutions can control the quality of the final product.

The products from Cutting Edge Solutions provide plants with higher levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, improving your crops.

There are two base lines of products, a three-part conventional feeding regimen and a natural organic version. The base family is nationally recognized and award-winning, coming from the purest raw ingredients.

The natural family is perfect for native soils and amended potting soils, and it is all-natural. There are also several families of additives. The strength family boosts yields and strength. It also improves terpene content, aroma, and natural sugar production. The plant cells become strong, helping to produce and hold up heavy flowers while resisting garden pests. The biologic family offers pest-resistance, supercharged roots, and increased uptake. The advanced molecular family dramatically improves the production of terpene. It gives the plants more carbohydrate fuel to encourage heavier flower sets later in the season. This product also helps plants remain strong enough to survive changing weather.



1572 Hampton Way A, Santa Rosa, CA 95407, USA