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Digilux Grow Lights

Digilux Grow Lights

Providing High Output Digital Bulbs

About Digilux Grow Lights

Digilux Grow Lights is a brand from Hydrofarm, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Growers love the wide color spectrum, extreme lumen output, and efficiency of Digilux High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide bulbs.

These bulbs are engineered to work with any digital ballasts. They also feature less lumen depreciation, longer bulb life, and enhanced spectrums. The high-quality arc tubes from Digilux were built so they can withstand those high performance requirements of digital ballasts. The bulbs from Digilux are made to meet the highest standards in the industry.

They are also universal, with the ability to use them in vertical or horizontal fixtures based on your growing setup. Compared to other HPS and MH bulbs, Digilux prides its bulbs on offering superior performance. Additionally, they have been finely tuned as a way to maximize the production of PAR light.

Using the Metal Halide bulbs gives the plants 25 percent more energy within the violet and blue spectrum. Using the High Pressure Sodium bulbs does the same in the orange and red spectrum. These bulbs also have a longer bulb life and improved color uniformity.



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