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Providing the Horticulture Industry With High-efficiency Reflectors

About DimLux

DimLux provides horticulturists with reflectors and other lighting-related products. To provide consumers with confidence in its products, DimLux makes its test results accessible via its website.

The DimLux Experts Series prides itself on being the most complete and advanced lighting series available. This series combines the Alpha Optics 98 Reflector and the Xtreme ballast, offering the best light output and reflector efficiency available.

The Expert Series has a flat design, the ability to manually dim to eight levels, extensive diagnostic LEDs, an EOL function, safety features, and the best dimming range of any digital ballast. It also stands out with adjustable reflectors, 50mm active suction holes, available nanotubes, and a boost function.

The Alpha Optics 98 Reflector is one of the key products from DimLux, with its stylish and streamlined design and high quality. It has a 50mm connection for extracting warm air as a way to reduce the room temperature. The reflector also features a Single Bounce Clear Sight, which ensures lights only hit the reflector a single time before leaving, resulting in a reduction in the heat along with more light to use. You can also adjust the side reflectors or add more.

The DimLux Extreme Ballast offers a range of accurate adjustment options. It is among the quietest systems without vibrations or buzzing. You can use it along with a time clock and relay or with the OptiClimate maxi Controller to get the most of its performance.



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