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Dino Clean

Cleaning Gardening Supplies

About Dino Clean

Dino Clean is a product that gardeners and growers can use to get plant saps and resins off of their hands. Unlike other products with a similar goal, it does not leave unpleasant odors or oily residues behind.

In addition to removing plant saps and resin, Dino Clean also removes oil-based natural odors. Growers only need to use a very small quantity of Dino Clean to quickly and easily remove the largest resin or sap deposits, dissolving them completely.

The product is gentle on the skin, leaving behind a mild scent that most agree is pleasant. You can even use Dino Clean in the laundry by dabbing it onto your clothing. The product is non-toxic and fully biodegradable. You will not find any abrasives in Dino Clean, so you can safely use it on your gardening equipment without worrying about leaving grit.

The company carefully selects the ingredients for Dino Clean. They were chosen to be effective at getting rid of those tough odors, saps, and resins while still being mild on the skin. Dino Clean proudly uses the best ingredients and is made in America.