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Providing Ventilation and Air for Your Horticulture

About DropAir

DropAir is best-known for its humidifier, which lets growers ensure their horticulture or hydroponics setup includes the appropriate amount of air and ventilation for their plants.

This humidifier from DropAir is a multidirectional unit that ensures you get the perfect humidity level in a room that is around medium size.

The standard DropAir humidifier works perfectly in spaces of up to about 2,000 square feet. You can combine DropAir units if your space is larger than this, dividing your space by 2,000 square feet to get the required number of humidifiers.

The DropAir humidifier ensures proper humidification without extra noise and in an efficient, quiet manner. It is perfect for indoor gardens and greenhouses. The humidifier outputs around up to 200 pints each day and has four liters or a gallon of water storage. It is nice and compact, so it will not take up extra space in your greenhouse.