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Dry & Mighty

Dry & Mighty

Offering Industrial Grade Storage

About Dry & Mighty

Dry & Mighty offers durable bags that are perfect for horticulturists. The plastic is incredibly sturdy to resist punctures and tears. The plastic is fully flexible, making it easy to use the bags for storing any of your supplies or various parts of the plants.

At the same time, the bags’ design lets them stand up by themselves, without any need to prop them against something. For added convenience, the Dry & Might bags work well with sealers, offering an airtight seal that zips shut. Using the sealer will ensure contaminants, moisture, and air all stay out of the bag. The bag has a convenient snap closure so you can reuse it repeatedly or easily access the items you store inside.

Large bags measure 13 inches by 14.5 inches while extra-large bags measure 16.5 inches by 14.5 inches. The bags are plain and unbranded so you can clearly see what is stored inside and have plenty of room to add your own labels.