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Dutch Lighting

Dutch Lighting

Providing Lights for Growers

About Dutch Lighting

Dutch Lighting Innovations prides itself on collecting minds that have decades of experience in the horticultural industries, both as hobbyists and commercial horticulturalists. The engineers created new horticultural lighting based on the requirements of customers.

The products also make use of the traditional manufacturing techniques that have proven effective over the years, combining those with modern manufacturing. The result is horticultural lighting that improves results and user experience.

The company’s team has more than 25 years’ experience in production, development, and sales of fixtures for the greenhouse industry, driving its innovations. Dutch Lighting Innovations uses that experience to guide its development and manufacturing of supplemental lighting systems.

The JOULE-Series offers DE lamp fixtures with a full range of voltages, with four different products. The CRI-Series offers the choice of two wattages. There are also reflectors, including an asymmetric one for the exterior of rows and a flowers-only reflector. There are also two horticultural lamps, one for general horticulture and one for vegetative. Dutch Lighting Innovations also has a DIODE-Series with LED lighting fixtures, the DLM Series with control equipment, and wipes for reflectors.

Overall, the company has a full selection of lighting equipment that growers need to ensure the plants they grow inside get enough light.



De Vlonder 217a, 5427 DG Boekel, Netherlands