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Dutch Pro

Dutch Pro

A Pioneer in Plant Nutrients

About Dutch Pro

Dutch Pro is one of the nutrient companies that has been consistently providing growers with award-winning nutrients for more than 30 years. The company has always been the only supplier that uses nutrients created and sourced completely out of Amsterdam. Not only is it among the oldest, but Dutch Pro claims to be the quickest growing nutrient company providing well-researched and reliable nutrients while also focusing on being sustainable.

The company always works hard to provide customers with the best possible nutrients. To achieve this goal, it uses materials of the highest quality and sets very high standards for its production processes. Due to the high quality of Dutch Pro nutrients, the plant absorbs all of the components completely without leaving behind any residue. This is one standout feature of Dutch Pro that makes it easier and more desirable to use for growers of any level. The company also makes life easier for growers with fewer bottles and a user-friendly schedule.

Dutch Pro has always placed a heavy focus on research and development and continues to do so. The company also listens to the needs of modern growers, adapting its product line to meet their requirements. This led to innovations like a soft water base feed system in 2009, which works for those who grow in areas with soft water. The research and development team has also created a unique auto flowering system.



Abberdaan 204, 1046 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands