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Delivering Outstanding Plant Nutrition

About Dyna-Gro

Dyna-Gro has been providing growers with outstanding plant nutrients since 1983. Their product line includes grow supplements as well as complete nutrition solutions.

When using the products, minimal mixing and measuring becomes necessary, reducing your risk of error and the monotony. The products have a reputation of dramatic growth for your hydroponic and soil gardens.

The lineup of Dyna-Gro products includes a range of complete nutrient formulations. Each formula has all of the 17 micronutrients and macronutrients your plants need in a single concentrated solution. You will not find urea in any of the nutrients, as this somewhat common ingredient could harm your plants.

Because they are full-spectrum products (e.g. they contain everything you need in one solution), the concentrated nutrition solutions from Dyna-Gro offer savings and improved efficiency over other systems.

Some of the full nutrient formulations from Dyna-Gro include Foliage-Pro, Bonsai-Pro, Orchid-Pro, BLOOM, and GROW. Since each solution is complete, there is no need to stock up on multiple products or waste time measuring them all out. For convenience and versatility, you can choose to buy the Dyna-Gro solutions in seven different sizes, appealing to hobby and commercial growers alike. This lets Dyna-Gro achieve its goal of providing all growers, regardless of experience and number of plants, with a complete plant nutrition product.



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