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Earth Juice

Earth Juice

Offering Innovative Home and Garden Products

About Earth Juice

Earth Juice is a product line from Hydro-Organics Wholesale Inc., and the line features a range of plant care products. It began in 1991 as a Northern California local favorite. Since then, the brand has expanded to have nationwide recognition.

The original three Earth Juice products are now more than 60 different products. This varied lineup offers something for everyone, regardless of the gardening environment. The company prides itself on pioneering the world of plant care, including looking toward the future to develop effective, high-performing, and innovative products for gardens and homes.

Of the products, the original Big 5 is one of the most popular items in their product catalog. It includes Grow and Bloom, both of which require hand-feeding. The Big 5 also include Xatalyst The Crucial Link, Meta-K, and Microblast – Liquid Micronutrients, all three of which work with hand-feeding or automated systems. Today, the Earth Juice lineup now includes a full range of products, including nutrients, additives, pH adjusters, plant care, rooting aids, and growing media.

Products work for nearly all growing styles, including hand-feeding, hydroponics, aeroponics with fine emitters, irrigation with filters, and top dress. All products have information on dosing via the feeding charts that are available via the brand’s website.



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