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EHG Easy Hydro Grow

EHG Easy Hydro Grow

Providing Specialized Hydroponic Nutrients

About EHG Easy Hydro Grow

EHG Easy Hydro Grow has a manufacturing plant in Assagay, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. From there, it produces liquid hydroponic nutrients of a specialized nature.

The formulas sold by the company were conceptualized back in 2010 and the company officially formed in 2014 after developing the formulas so they could deliver maximum results. The nutrients from EHG Easy Hydro Gro are designed to work well for all methods of growing without soil, including top-feed hydro systems, nutrient film, deep-water culture, bubbleponics, and aeroponics, and in any hydroponic media.

The products are effective enough to achieve great results, even for beginners. For ease of use, there are complete instructions with the products and via the company’s website, via the expected nutrient table. While many other plant nutrient producers only provide the table, EHG Easy Hydro Grow also includes detailed instructions and multiple notes in the same document, providing a higher level of information.

The nutrient system consists of EHG Grow, Micro, and Blossom. EHG Easy Hydro Grow offers a table with information for the specific proportions of each to use at various stages in the plants’ development. You can also supplement those nutrients with other EHG Easy Hydro Grow products, like EHG Ripener, which boosts late flowering. Another product offered by EHG is Coco Micro, perfect for cocoponics.



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