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Elev8 Seeds

Elev8 Seeds

Quality California Genetics

About Elev8 Seeds

Elev8 Seeds is a cannabis seed bank created in Canada to deliver high-quality genetics in seed form to parties who understand the importance of world-class genetics. One of the unique features of Elev8 Seeds is that it rejects any seeds and strains that it considers second-rate. It only keeps the best.

The company follows a three-fold breeding strategy to produce the highest quality of strains and seeds. One element of this is preserving and breeding seeds coming from classic strains that are at risk of being lost through genetic deterioration or other ways. The approach involves sourcing top examples and back-crossing them through at least five generations.

Elev8 Seeds has a similar goal for modern grower-produced strains that are clone-only, such as Bruce Banner. It aims to preserve the strains created by amateurs for posterity. The inspiration for this principle comes from Sour Diesel that was first discovered by an amateur grower.

Finally, Elev8 Seeds aims to develop new strains from currently available elite genetics. This is where the company rejects average or mediocre strains and maintains high expectations. Elev8 Seeds only retains seeds that excel in bag appeal, smell, taste, effect, and potency.