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Elite Garden

Elite Garden

Working With and Providing for Growers

About Elite Garden

Elite Garden has always worked with growers, starting off on a grow with 68,000 square feet and some of the top growers within the business. During this time, the company’s team noticed that the nutrient process had gaps. Some of the nutrients did not do what they claimed while others were missing. Elite Garden took this as a challenge and started working to find the best products for nutrition.

The team behind Elite Garden has more than 20 years of experience growing and includes entrepreneurs, engineers, and biochemists. This team always works to innovate and test new products as a way to achieve hydroponic excellence through the company's high standards.

Elite Garden prides itself on being cost-effective thanks to its high concentration in formulas that let a small quantity go further. The long shelf life of the product means it is unlikely to go to waste. The products are also simple to use as there are just five products that cover everything you will need to grow with. All of the Elite Garden nutrients are optimally balanced, already in the form that is best for the plants. This form helps with optimizing pH for quicker absorption and faster, maximized uptake. The products are also all natural without growth regulators, dyes, perfumes, or hormones. They do not contain known carcinogenic chemicals daminozide or paclobutrazol, both of which are found in many similar products on the market.



104 E Haley St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA