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Emerald Harvest

Emerald Harvest

Dedicated to Growers

About Emerald Harvest

Emerald Harvest came to fruition after thousands of conversations with real growers. The team behind the company saw how dedicated to their plants these growers were, as well as their vast expertise and knowledge. The team realized that most nutrient companies do not address all of the needs of growers. The company set out to create high-quality and easy to use nutrients with reasonable pricing.

This resulted in a product offering from Emerald Harvest that come in easy pour smart bottles to reduce spillage so you do not waste any product. The base nutrients were created to maximize their results in each liter, and there are one-and-done supplements that are simple to use. The products from Emerald Harvest reduce the time you would spend mixing nutrients.

One key product from Emerald Harvest is Emerald Goddess, which can be standalone or function as a supplement with a professional base nutrient. The bloom booster, King Kola, is also incredibly popular.

Emerald Harvest aims to combine the best from both nature and science to create the best brand of fertilizers for plants. The company’s team includes a top organic chemist who has vast experience. Emerald Harvest stands out from the crowd with its 100 percent guarantee. You can return any product (with proof of purchase) if you do not feel satisfied with the results. The company also strongly encourages feedback so it can continue to innovate and make products that appeal to growers.



1399 Corporate Center Pkwy, Santa Rosa, CA 95407, USA