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Offering Dehumidifiers for Hydroponics

About Eva-Dry

Eva-Dry specializes in manufacturing compact dehumidifiers. The company prides itself on having offered the most efficient method of gathering moisture for the past decade. It claims that Eva-Dry dehumidifiers have a significantly higher absorption rate than traditional dehumidifying products.

The units are renewable and compatible with air-conditioning units. The Eva-Dry dehumidifiers were designed to work well in a range of applications, including for gardening and hydroponics. The dehumidifiers can help ensure your grow space remains free from mildew and mold caused by excess moisture.

All Eva-Dry products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. The company prides itself on offering value via dedicated customer service, high quality, and affordable pricing. Eva-Dry even explicitly describes how its dehumidifiers help greenhouses and hydroponics.

Dehumidifying the area will make you comfortable as you work on the plants and also improve the health of those plants themselves. For example, it can reduce the risk of powdery mildew, which could occur with high humidity levels. Eva-Dry has a range of units to work well for gardens of all sizes.

The company suggests its EDV-4000 for hydroponics or greenhouses that are 4,000 cubic feet or less. This unit delivers high-volume dehumidification without any need for a compressor thanks to its innovative rotary desiccant technology. It also has a conveniently large catch basin you only have to empty occasionally, a filter to kill bacteria, and a built-in ionizer. Smaller gardens can also use the E-333 and E-500, which do not require power sources.


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