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Eye Hortilux

Eye Hortilux

Offering Premium Horticultural Lighting

About Eye Hortilux

Eye Hortilux designs as well as produces premium horticulture lighting. The company’s product lineup includes fluorescent, HID, and LED grow lamps as well as electronic ballasts, lighting controls, LED drivers, and fixtures. The lighting products can be used in a full range of indoor growing. The products work well for every step, including starting seeds, cloning, producing fruits and flowers, and even maintaining the mother plants.

Eye Hortilux is proud that plant factories, greenhouses, biotechnology, plant physiology research, agricultural universities, home hobbyists, educational programs in schools, and pharmacology use its lights.

The company also offers some educational material on its website, helping growers get started with the various products and the impact of lighting on growth.

Eye Hortilux also has a lineup of grow light systems. The company designed these systems to focus light as a way to maximize the light system so your plants have a better yield and improved quality. The systems use patent-pending technology, meet UL 8800 criteria, are optimized for the Eye Hortilux grow lamps, and offer best-in-class uniformity across the plant canopy.

There is also a range of grow lamps, such as BLUE, standard, and E-Start metal halide, dual arc, double-ended HPS, super HPS, ceramic HPS, ceramic metal halide, and other lights.



9150 Hendricks Rd, Mentor, OH 44060, USA