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Making All-natural CO2 Production Easy

About EZ-CO2

EZ-CO2 offers growers a simple and affordable method of getting their own CO2 in an all-natural way. This makes it easy to provide your plants with enough CO2 without much effort or breaking the bank.

Using EZ-CO2 to increase your greenhouse’s carbon dioxide levels will improve stem strength, increase yields, make flowering occur sooner, and increase flower size. With EZ-CO2, you do not need to pay for or set up tanks or generators. Instead, you just place the system and leave it alone, saving you time and money.

The bags also have more medium than they used to, offering more CO2 for every cent you spend. EZ-CO2 will not give off any heat or odors. The system is fully self-sustaining so you do not have to do anything while using it. The EZ-CO2 bags work right from the start, producing CO2 for around six to eight months.

All you have to do is place the EZ-CO2 in the growing area just above the plant height. Since carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen, it will naturally fall toward your plants. When it is time to replace the bag, open it up and put the contents in your soil or compost pile. The plastic bag is recyclable.