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Fast Buds

Fast Buds

Autoflowering Genetics

About Fast Buds

Fast Buds is a world-renowned seed bank that specializes in autoflowering cannabis genetics. Founded 12 years ago, it was one of the first companies to see the potential of autoflowering strains and began experimenting with them in their own garage. In 2012, the company released their first five autoflower genetics - Crystal Meth, G14, Mexican Airlines, Northern Express, and C4matic - on their newly launched website.

Fast Buds faced a challenging road ahead, as there were already many established Dutch and Spanish seed banks offering high-quality products. However, the team persevered and in 2014, signed their first distribution contracts and Fast Buds genetics started appearing in stores throughout the EU. As growers began to experiment with Fast Buds seeds and saw the benefits of modern autoflowering strains, the company's popularity grew rapidly.

In 2015, Fast Buds released their best-selling strain to date - Girl Scout Cookies Auto - and the company became recognized as the first to bring American genetics in autoflower form to Europe. Later that year, they attended their first international cannabis event, Spannabis, and continued to participate in major fairs and events across Europe.

In 2016, Fast Buds released Gorilla Glue Auto, which quickly became their best-selling autoflower strain. As the word spread, Fast Buds began to expand to South America, opening an office in Santiago de Chile, and eventually North America. In 2017, the company attended their first ever High Times Cannabis Cup in San Francisco and partnered with several renowned seed banks in California and Oregon.

Fast Buds has won over 20 prizes and awards in cannabis events internationally, including the Autoflower Cup in Oregon, USA, and the Copa Secreta in Chile. The company has also been recognized as the Best Seedbank at the India/Sativa Trade Show, and the Best Autoflower at the Cosecha Cup.

Today, Fast Buds continues to be at the forefront of the autoflowering cannabis industry, offering high-quality, unique genetics to growers all over the world.



Carrer del Rosselló, 212, 08008 Barcelona, Spain