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Using Decades of Experience

About Flairform

Flairform began in 1992 and has consistently maintained its position as an industry leader in terms of quality and innovation. The chemists behind Flairform have professional experience in horticultural, agricultural, and water chemistry going back all the way to 1966. This vast expertise has allowed for impressive innovations and the ability to offer products that are the most technically advanced.

The Flairform product line includes nutrients, additives, system care, cuttings, pH control, and electrode maintenance. The nutrient lineup features GreenDream – 1 and GreenDream A + B, which are one- and two-part nutrients, respectively, for coco, soil, and hydroponics. There are six different additives for things like adding silica, promoting root growth, and boosting resin output. System care products can prevent pipe blockage for irrigation systems or serve as hydroponic nutrient conditioners.

Like most other providers, Flairform offers detailed documentation, including feeding and dosage guides for all of its products. There is also much more education on the Flairform website than most other brands offer, including overviews of various systems, their components, nutrient management, and more. Each section has an impressive level of detail, indicating that Flairform truly wants to assist growers instead of just selling a product.