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Offering a Range of Products for Hydroponic Growers

About FlashGro

FlashGro specializes in providing growers with the basic components that they need to set up and run their hydroponics systems.

The basic product from FlashGro comes in numerous colors and sizes. It reflects light and heat in dispersed and even patterns. The main product is a film that is highly reflective and contains metalized polyester surfaces and a backing material made from tough woven poly materials. You can glue, nail, or staple the FlashGro to any surface for versatility in your grow room. The products can also easily be reused, and they are simple to clean between uses.

You can find the FlashGro products in a range of sizes, with the most common including 4’x100’, 4’x50’, and 4’x25’. For versatility and the ability to appeal to all hydroponics growers, FlashGro is also available as a 2mil thick version or a 7mil version. There are also larger sheets with 50’ by 25’, 50’, or 150’.

Compared to other similar products, FlashGro is twice as thick, letting you maximize the use of light you previously lost. The products have great abilities to block light while also optimizing the light return. Both sides of the product are reflective, allowing for uniform dispersion of light. It is also 98 percent reflective and tear resistant.