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Offering Growers Improved Efficiency

About FloraFlex

FloraFlex offers growers a range of products that have patents pending. The products are designed to improve the efficiency of delivering nutrients and water to your plants. The lineup also allows anyone to grow their favorite types of plants anywhere.

The company wants to inspire people to grow plants, getting more people involved in gardening. To reach that goal, it provides growers of all skill levels with a full range of tools. The FloraFlex products are all based on extensive growing experience by the company’s team.

Using FloraFlex products can let you reduce nutrients, water, and time by up to 60 percent thanks to efficient delivery methods for water and nutrients. Additionally, the products eliminate algae in one of two ways. You can block the light that reaches the top of your media or use the company’s sub-surface drippers to keep the media’s top dry.

The products also provide growers with excellent control thanks to a user-friendly product line. You can improvise and make adjustments with ease based on what works best for you and your plants.

The main product line from FloraFlex is a series of pots, connectors, pipes, and other pieces designed to let you easily customize your irrigation and nutrient delivery system. FloraFlex also offers its own line of nutrients. The company offers discounts with nutrient subscriptions for those who will be using the products regularly. Nutrients include B1 Bloom, B2 Bloom, V1 Vegetative Par 1, and V2 Vegetative Part 2, available alone or in combinations.



4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Valley Village, CA 91607, USA