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Funk Filters

Funk Filters

Providing Filters to Remove Odors and More

About Funk Filters

Funk Filters are an excellent tool for growers who want to reduce the odors in their growing space. The filters have high-performance virgin activated carbon inside, surrounded by a sturdy aluminum housing. You can find a full range of sizes of filters, which appeal to all growers.

There are choices for the smallest growing tents as well as the largest greenhouses. You can also combine multiple filters for larger spaces. Using the filters ensures your plants remain safe by removing 99.5 percent of odors as well as the majority of other airborne particles.

The carbon inside the Funk Filters is granular with an iodine number of 1050 mg/g. This maximizes surface area, offering a filter that lasts longer.

The two-inch carbon base also improves efficiency while the use of aluminum for the housing makes the filter lightweight for easy handling. The use of virgin activated coal-based carbon optimizes the product’s ability to remove odors.

The Funk Filters come with a year warranty as well as a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, giving growers peace of mind. A single filter can last around one and a half years, depending on the conditions of your operations. The filters work with 10-inch fans and include pre-installed mounting flange hooks for convenience.