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Decades of Innovation

About GHE

GHE stands for General Hydroponics Europe, which William Texier and Noucetta Kehdi founded in 1994 in France. The company was created after the pair’s hydroponics farm gained international recognition for its high-quality crops. Those crops were the preferred product of Michelin starred restaurants in the early 1990s in the San Francisco Bay.

Right from the start, the company focused on innovation, working to create new methods and products that combined hydroponic technology with organic and bio methods. Specifically, the team took the ecological sensitivity of these bio and organic methods. The team pioneered modern farming methods by choosing to only use pure fertilizer ingredients, with a focus on food grade ingredients. They then combined these ingredients with the purest bio and organic ingredients they could find. The team moved on to think about using the latest farming technology with products that allow for living nutrient solutions.

These nutrients can eliminate the need for pesticides since the plants have beneficial organisms sharing their environment, providing natural defenses. The products from GHE work well for growers in every type of environment, whether they cultivate plants for their own personal needs or to sell. GHE products are used to grow crops for flowers, medicine, and food around the world.



4 Boulevard du Biopôle, 32500 Fleurance, France