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Gold Label

Gold Label

Providing Hydroponic Substrates

About Gold Label

Gold Label has been the market leader in Holland for manufacturing substrates for years. This family business began in 1987 and already goes back three generations. Throughout its history, the company constantly innovates and has product improvement along with quality certification.

Gold Label produces professional substrates based on feedback from real growers, including its customers. The substrates all feature the finest ingredients possible. Additionally, the company always innovates to adjust its products based on market changes.

For peace of mind, Gold Label guarantees each bag of its substrate. Before selling any batch, the company checks the batch and samples it. For confidence in its products, Gold Label went out of its way to get various certifications showing the quality of its substrates. This includes RHP certification and KIWA certification. In fact, the company is the sole manufacturer of peat substrate to have peat substrates be KIWA certified.

The Base Nutrients can be supplemented with Gold Label’s Special Mix substrates, or you can use them with substrates from another brand. There are three main lines: Gold Label Soil, Gold Label Coco, and Gold Label Hydro, each of which is self-explanatory based on the name. Each line begins with an A/B base nutrient that has added Ca, chelated Fe, and balanced microelements. The formula of the base nutrients varies based on the line to meet the specific needs of that substrate.



Oosteinderweg 303A, 1432 AW Aalsmeer, Netherlands