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Grand Daddy Purp Genetics

Grand Daddy Purp Genetics

The Creators of Grand Daddy Purple

About Grand Daddy Purp Genetics

While Grand Daddy Purple is the name of a common cannabis strain, Grand Daddy Purp Genetics is the name of a seed company. Ken Estes established the company based on his extensive first-hand experience with cannabis. Estes was a medical marijuana patient and recognized the need for improved strains to alleviate pain.

Estes has made a commitment to serve as a modern-day “Medicine Man,” which he has maintained over the years. He has consistently advocated offering patients “smart alternative solutions.” Estes has dealt with chronic pain for 34 years and fought for legal cannabis for at least two decades. His experience as a patient served as a key inspiration in his push to create the best strains.

In 2003, Estes developed the “Grand Daddy Purp,” a strain now recognized worldwide for pain relief without sacrificing focus, combined with its purple, red, and blue leaves and hearty nature. Grand Daddy Purp Genetics has maintained a reputation for producing high-quality medical marijuana. All its cannabis strains undergo rigorous testing. Other strains help with glaucoma, loss of appetite, constant pain from injury or illness, and gastrointestinal disorders.