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Green Buzz Liquids

Green Buzz Liquids

Plant Aids, Soil Aids, Fertilizers, and More

About Green Buzz Liquids

Green Buzz Liquids was created with the goal of helping growers maximize the quality and performance of their plants across the various growth stages. The company’s early form began in 1999, always offering a great range of those products, along with cultured substrates. In its early years, Green Buzz Liquids worked with other manufacturers to sell their products, as well as providing advising services. Green Buzz Liquids was officially founded in 2012, first focusing on the needs-oriented plant supply in high-performance and transitional phases. This included plant aids, boosters, and soil aids.

The company specializes in a range of products related to plant care, including clon-gel, boosters, plant aids, soil aids, and fertilizers. The company developed two NPK fertilizers for the flowering and growth phases by 2014. From there, the company continued to expand its 100 percent organic range. By early 2015, the PK Booster called Organic More PK was added to the lineup as a 100 percent vegan option.

The company has plans for even more products, including a fully-automated aeroponic system controlled by a CPU and substrate mixtures. These will, however, require the company to have a bigger location first. The current product lineup from Green Buzz Liquids features Organic Grow Liquid, Organic Bloom Liquid, the Organic More PK, More Roots, Big Fruits, Fast Buds, Clean Fruits, pH Power, and more.



Weinheimer Str. 64, 68309 Mannheim, Germany